I haven't seen better cash flow on investment properties in Pocatello since the 80's

From what I've seen and heard from other REALTORS® across the country in the last 30 years of buying for myself & selling rental property to clients, Pocatello has the best cash flow on average and cash on cash return as well. 14000 students helps keep vacancy at a minimum. My property management company has less than 1% vacancy right now. Prices are the lowest i've seen in 10 years which improves cash flow as well. There are a few distressed and foreclosures on the market if you are patient enough to wait 90 days to close on a short sale, but the rewards are there. I just sold a duplex with $1000/mo income for $30,000. it did need around $10,000 in repairs but still an amazing return. I sold the same property 10 years ago for $90,000